Managing BARTA & RRTA public transit services in Berks County & Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Transit Development Plan

SCTA has announced proposed Route and Schedule Changes for Red Rose Transit at the May SCTA Board Meeting.  All the proposed Route and Schedule Changes are available for review by visiting RRTA’s Proposed Route and Schedule Changes page.

The SCTA TDP ’23 Final Transit Development Plan was presented and accepted by the SCTA Board on Wednesday, March 20, 2024 at the March SCTA Board Meeting.

SCTA TDP ’23 Final Report

TDP Executive Summary

For easier navigation the report is broken down into Chapters.

Chapter 1 – Introduction
Chapter 2 – Strategic Vision
Chapter 3 – Inventory of Existing Services
Chapter 4 – Budget and Funding
Chapter 5 – Fleet and Facilities
Chapter 6 – Market Analysis
Chapter 7 – Initial Public and Stakeholder Input
Chapter 8 – Service Assessment
Chapter 9 – Preliminary Service Scenarios and Stakeholder Reactions
Chapter 10 – Final Recommendations

The Final Report includes ten appendices.  The appendices are available for review by clicking on the links below:

Appendix A: Title VI Policy Analysis
Appendix B: Document Review
Appendix C: On-Board Survey Topline Summary
Appendix D: Shared Ride Survey Topline Summary
Appendix E: Community Survey Summary
Appendix F: Phase 1 Engagement Summaries
Appendix G: Phase 2 Engagement Summaries
Appendix H: Phase 3 Engagement Summaries
Appendix I: Market Analysis Maps
Appendix J: Service Profiles

TDP ’23 History of Activity