Managing BARTA & RRTA public transit services in Berks County & Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Staff Directory

Greg Downing
Executive Director

Keith Boatman
Director of Capital Projects & Planning

Laura Hopko
Director of Administration & Human Resources

Dave Avery
Director of IT Services and Facilities

Vicki Weidner
Director of Shared-Ride

Sharon Stephens
Director of Operations (BARTA)

Dominique Thompson
Director of Operations (RRTA)

Raymundo Delgadillo
Director of Maintenance (BARTA)

Steve Myers
Director of Maintenance (RRTA)

Benjamin Dice
Chief Financial Officer

Melanie Kerper
Assistant Chief Financial Officer

Kevin Hessler
Assistant Director of Capital Projects & Planning

Jennifer Boley
Manager of Marketing

Lauri Ahlskog
Manager of Transit Planning & Compliance

Justin Pokrop
Facilities Manager