Managing BARTA & RRTA public transit services in Berks County & Lancaster County, Pennsylvania


South Central Transit Authority not only oversees the public transit services that help provide vital transportation to the public, but SCTA also helps the community with the purchase of goods and services.  The goods and services bought by SCTA vary.  SCTA buys parts, diesel fuel, gasoline and custodial and office supplies.  Services purchased by SCTA range from lawn care, cleaning of facilities to the maintenance and repair of buildings and operating systems, such as HVAC and electrical.  Periodically, SCTA constructs or rehabilitates buildings requiring the services of an architect/engineer and construction contractors.

Vendors interested in receiving announcements regarding relevant procurement opportunities with SCTA should complete the Vendor Registration Form.  Vendor information submitted will be added to a Bidders’ List.  SCTA uses the Bidders’ List to identify businesses to contact about an upcoming purchase by SCTA of a good or service.

Under Procurement & Sales, you will find information about our current procurement projects for which SCTA is soliciting bids and proposals.

SCTA makes use of PennBid ( to post and manage some publicly advertised Requests for Proposals (RFP’s) and Invitations to Bid.  Vendors are encouraged to create an account on the PennBid website to access RFPs, bid documents and submit questions.

SCTA uses federal and state funds to pay for the goods and services it buys.  As a result, SCTA is required to assure vendors who are awarded purchase orders and contracts comply with certain federal and state guidelines when supplying goods and services.   These guidelines are described under Procurement Terms & Conditions.

The SCTA Disadvantage Business Enterprise Program (DBE) section provides information about the DBE Program and how SCTA intends to provide equal opportunities for DBEs to participate in procurement activities and to encourage small business participation.