Managing BARTA & RRTA public transit services in Berks County & Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Procurement Terms & Conditions

Standard Contractual Provisions for Purchase Orders and Federally Funded Procurements: 
Vendors accepting purchase orders or entering into a contractual agreement with SCTA for the provision of goods and services agree to comply with the terms and conditions as set forth herein and in the purchase order and agreement. In addition, vendors filling an order in whole or in part agree to comply with the applicable federal provisions. In accordance with SCTA policy and in compliance with federal regulations, the Standard Federal Requirements (please click below) apply to purchase orders, contracts, and procurements that do not exceed $100,000 funded in whole or in part with federal funds.

Standard Federal Requirements – Federal Transit Administration (FTA)

Please note that solicitations for written quotations and publicly advertised procurements issued by SCTA and procurement documents for the purchase of goods and services exceeding $100,000 are expected to include the Standard Federal Requirements that apply to that procurement.
If you have questions regarding SCTA Procurement procedures and the terms & conditions, please email
In order to do business with SCTA, you must comply with all the applicable contractual Terms and Conditions.