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Procurement Terms & Conditions

Standard Contractual Provisions for Purchase Orders and Federally Funded Procurements: 

The goods and services purchased by SCTA are funded with federal and/or state funds.  As a result, vendors supplying these goods and services to SCTA are required to comply with certain federal and state third party contract provisions.

Vendors accepting purchase orders or entering into a contractual agreement with SCTA for the provision of goods and services agree to comply with the terms and conditions in the purchase order or contract.  A vendor by accepting a purchase order from SCTA and signing a contract with SCTA also agrees to comply with the applicable third party contract provisions described below.

The dollar value of the purchase order and contract and the type of good or service being supplied to SCTA will impact what federal and state third party contract provisions apply.

Purchases Under $10,000
The federal and state third party contract provisions do not apply to a vendor who receives a purchase order or contract with a total contract value under $10,000.


Small Purchases ($10,000 to $23,200)
Purchase orders and contracts issued by SCTA with a contract value between $10,000 and $23,200 are considered Small Purchases.  The applicable Third Party Contract Provisions are provided by clicking on the link below.
Third Party Contract Provisions Small Purchases


Publicly Advertised Procurements (Over $23,200)
Projects for the purchase of goods or services over $23,200 are publicly advertised per SCTA’s procurement policies.  The procurement documents made available to potential bidders/proposers include the applicable Third Party Contract Provisions based on the estimated contract value and the good or service being procured.  For your reference, the Third Party Contract provisions are available by clicking on the link below.
Publicly Advertised Third Party Contract Provisions

If you have questions regarding SCTA Procurement procedures and the terms & conditions, please email