Managing BARTA & RRTA public transit services in Berks County & Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Steering Public Transit

Managing Safe, Efficient, Convenient & Dependable Transportation for the Citizens of Berks & Lancaster Counties

Berks County

Photo of a BARTA public transit bus picking up passengers

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Berks Area Regional Transportation Authority

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Lancaster County

Photo of a Red Rose Transit bus pickup up passengers from a bus stop

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Red Rose Transit Authority

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SCTA Management

How South Central Transit Authority Serves BARTA & RRTA

The South Central Transit Authority (SCTA) operates public transportation services in Berks County, PA through the Berks Area Regional Transportation Authority (BARTA) and in Lancaster County, PA through the Red Rose Transit Authority (RRTA). The public transportation service operated in both counties includes fixed-route bus service and shared ride, paratransit service. In addition to operating service, SCTA maintains seven (7) facilities between Berks and Lancaster Counties that support the administration, maintenance and storage of vehicles.

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